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                            Monday -  Friday      2:00 PM- 9:00 PM
                            Saturday                   10:00 AM- 4:00 PM
                            Sunday                      12:00 PM- 6:00 PM
all other times by appointment only 720-217-6334
  1. DEC 2017
    The Six Week Hitting League runs from Wednesday, December 13th - Wednesday, January 17th with Championship Game on January 24th. *No game on December 27th. Come have a friendly, but competitive, game of baseball using the state of the art HitTrax system. Sign up before December 4th for $50! Fee includes access to Power Alley tee stations and Iron Mike.
  2. Team and Individual Indoor Practice Facility
    Team and Individual Indoor Practice Facility
    Conveniently located off 6th Avenue and Simms in Lakewood Colorado, Power Alley has three hitting cages available. HitTrax - hitting data analysis system available for an additional cost. Memberships and individual instruction will be available. Reservations are recommended. Walk-ins are welcome.
  3. 23 DEC
    Best Moments 2014
    Best Moments 2014
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Our Goals
Power Alley's goal is to help develope your son or daughter to become the best baseball or softball player.  We offer cage rental membership and individual instruction.  This facility is for all kids ranging from 6 to 86 years old.
  1. Training
    Cages for pitching and hitting are available for individual or team use. Come practice on your own, bring a coach or have individual instruction.
  2. HitTrax
    HitTrax data analysis system reads all aspects of a hitter needs - pitch velocity, bat angle, bat speed, ball exit velocity and provides video feedback to help your swing.
  3. Memberships
    Introductory memberships are available at a very affordable rates. Come practice indoors and use the HitTrax to track your improvement.
Power Alley of Colorado has state of the art technology with HitTrax.  
Access your training stats, video analysis, instruction notes, performance trends, rankings and much more!
With HitTrax StatsCenter Mobile you’ll be able to stay on top of your progress by reviewing summary reports, spray charts, rankings, as well as frame-by-frame video playback complete with your instructor’s illustrations and analysis.
With HitTrax StatsCenter Desktop you can review individual sessions pitch by pitch, replay full sessions, analysis performance trends, and perform your own side-by-side video analysis!

Sign up for your HitTrax analysis at Power Alley of Colorado.
Attention Coaches!
Schedule Indoor Practice 
before the snow starts falling!!  

Cage Rental includes HitTrax!
  Reserve and prepay for 6 sessions
   $450 - Two cages for one hour
       $570 - Three cages for one hour
        $570 - Two cages for 1 1/2 hours
           $600 - Three cages for 1 1/2 hours

Call Power Alley to Reserve Team Rates
720 217-6334